Constitution review

The Association’s rules of membership, in the form of a constitution, govern how SAIFCharter members interact and work together to support the successful and sustainable future of the independent funeral business sector.

The current constitution was written some while ago and now needs to be refreshed to bring it up to date with changes in good governance practices and also to ready SAIFCharter for any future regulatory regimes. The review is also an opportunity to redefine our purpose and objectives as well as the evolving partnership between Golden Charter and SAIFCharter members, developing each aspect of the constitution to support our core purpose, rewarding and encouraging exclusivity, loyalty and collaboration.

The Monitoring & Compliance Committee, along with SAIFCharter Chairman, Julian Walker, and the funeral directors on the Golden Charter Board, have been leading this piece of work. We are pleased to confirm we now have a draft set of principles which are with our lawyer to formally document, and will be reviewed by the SAIFCharter Executive in December, before being put out for consultation with all members.  Julian’s intention is to propose an EGM in March 2019 to vote on the revised proposals. Further information on the scope of the review, drawing out the key changes and rationale, will be provided for your consideration as part of the review, in advance of the EGM.

We would urge you to be ready to join the conversation, so that together, we can shape the future of our association for 2019 and beyond.