Constitution update

The six week consultation on the revised SAIFCharter constitution came to an end on Friday. Thank you to everyone who engaged with the consultation process and provided feedback.

The feedback gathered has been helpful in identifying parts of the constitution where there may have been some misunderstanding around the objective of the change and allowed SAIFCharter Chairman, Julian Walker, to provide examples of questions which have arisen, explanations for the changes and the intentions behind them. These can be accessed by logging in to the secure area of this website.

While the formal consultation is now closed, all members are still welcome to contact Julian Walker or SAIFCharter Secretary, John Byrne, with comments. All feedback received before the document is finalised will be taken into consideration.

Once a final version is agreed upon, the document will be made available to all members to vote on. The vote will take place on Saturday 30 March at the SAIFCharter EGM. The voting process will open around the start of March for those unable to attend the EGM in person.