FCA Consultation Paper summary now available

We’re pleased to see more detail emerge from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) with the recent publication of their consultation paper outlining their plans to protect customers and eliminate bad practice from the funeral plan market.

Golden Charter has shared a helpful summary, outlining what they believe to be the key elements for us as independent funeral directors. You can access the summary here.

Golden Charter will be working closely with our Regulatory working group on its consultation response to ensure our views as Independents from a wide range of businesses are represented. If you have any feedback or questions on the proposed rules, please share these with your Golden Charter Business Manager or with one of our regulatory group members. Our trade association SAIF is also developing a response to the FCA and is another route you may wish to feed your thoughts into.

Further information

FPA webinar
You can watch the recording of the webinar hosted by Golden Charter with FPA CEO Graeme McAusland here.

Golden Charter will be sharing further information with us as the detail emerges to ensure we’re fully supported through the regulatory changes.