Pricing now on

A number of new features have been made available this year on, the site designed to help put us in touch with families in our areas who are going online at their time of need.

Following successful trials in North East England, Somerset and Scotland, the ability to add the price of a Simple Funeral arrangement became available UK-wide from 30 October to help families make informed choices.

We would encourage all our members to upload their Simple Funeral price as there is clear evidence that customers want to see prices online with 84% of customers stating they would like to see funeral director prices online*.

SAIFCharter Chairman Adam Ginder spoke about the benefits to independent funeral directors of being on in October’s edition of SAIFInsight:

“ is not there to intercept families that were already coming to you; it is there to bring through your door families that had gone looking online and so weren’t coming to you. The world is changing and when the most common answer to how do I find a funeral director is “Google it”, it is a massive benefit for us that is representing independent funeral directors and working for the independent funeral director.”

There are a number of other new features also now available when you log in to the portal; funeral notices, business insights, and the ability to personalise your listing by adding a photo and a logo.

If you would like support with adding the price of a Simple Funeral to your listing, or with any of the other new features, please contact the business support team on or call 0141 931 6384.

* YouGov survey for NAFD, June & July 2018.