Special edition of the Partnership Podcast covering COVID-19

Have you had a chance to listen to the special edition of Golden Charter’s Partnership Podcast covering COVID-19? Director of Emerging Market Insight, Malcolm Flanders, covers where we can find the latest guidance available and the support available to us, and our staff.

In this episode, we hear how SAIFCharter Executive member, Helen Wathall, and SAIFCharter Working Group member, Andrea Button, have been impacted by the pandemic and how they have changed their ways of working accordingly.

Listen to this special edition here - https://www.buzzsprout.com/737468/3369502-covid-19, and as Malcolm says, “The best way to get through this is together - benefiting from the collective wisdom and support of the entire independent community.”

If you have any feedback around how your business is operating during COVID-19 and how we, as an Association could support our members during this challenging time, please contact secretary@saifcharter.co.uk