Website check urged

SAIFCharter members gain a range of benefits as owners of Golden Charter, from additional payments and marketing assistance to a voice that can influence the profession’s direction.

There are a small number of conditions required in exchange, including exclusively promoting Golden Charter products.

One role of the SAIFCharter Policing & Compliance Working Group is to ensure that members are in compliance with membership conditions, and the group is set to contact members about auditing their websites. It has been discovered that some SAIFCharter members may be promoting other providers on their websites.

These letters will be going out early this month. The SAIFCharter Executive would encourage all members to review their sites to ensure that they meet the requirement of exclusive promotion, as it is possible for this kind of oversight to be made on a website.

If you have any questions, you can contact SAIFCharter through the Contact page, or speak to Working Group Chair Helen Wathall.