SAIFCharter Executive member and Trustee, Paul Stevenson, talks about The Golden Charter Trust in the current climate

The outbreak of Covid-19 has caused us all to change how we live and work on a daily basis, and understandably I have been receiving questions regarding The Golden Charter Trust as financial markets across the globe are feeling the impact.

At our recent SAIFCharter Executive meeting I gave an update to advise that the Trust’s long term, diversified approach is continuing to protect plan holders’ funds as our relatively cautious investment strategy has been effective so far in providing protection in the current climate.

Gareth Howlett, Trustee and Chair of Investment Committee, explains in the latest SAIFInsight: “Sharp falls in stock markets are obviously a source of concern, but I want to reassure funeral directors that the Trust's relatively cautious investment strategy has been effective so far in providing a measure of protection against the worst of the falls.

“As an illustration, recent figures from our investment advisers indicate that when the FTSE index fell by nearly 25%, the reduction in the Trust's overall value was less than 5%. There is of course no guarantee that this will continue, but it does indicate that our policy of holding a well-diversified portfolio is showing its strength.”

The Trust will of course continue to monitor funding levels attentively and take action as we feel necessary. If you’ve not had a chance to listen to episode five of the Partnership Podcast, I would recommend tuning in as Actuary, Graeme Muir, explains his role in helping the Trust safeguard plan holder funds and explains what tests we, as independent funeral directors, can use to understand the strength of a trust. 

More information on the Trust is available on and if you have any questions, please use the Contact Us section.