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The 2021 SAIFCharter AGM was held as an online virtual meeting on Wednesday 29 September 2021 at 6pm. All member businesses were invited to register to take part.


Click here to watch the meeting.

Click here for the 2021 AGM minutes.

Click here for the meeting agenda and notice. 

Click here for Paul Stevenson's bio. 

Video updates

As we held the AGM online, we produced three video updates for all SAIFCharter members to view in advance of the meeting. The videos provide you with key updates from our association, company and Trust and we referred to them at the meeting.

Click here for the video from Suzanne Grahame, Golden Charter CEO

Click here for the video from Adam Ginder, Chairman of SAIFCharter

Click here for the video from Gareth Howlett, Chairman of the Golden Charter Trust

You can find all the info on our 2020 AGM, including a recording of the meeting here.
You can also access the 2020 AGM minutes here. 

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