Guide to successfully navigating FCA regulation

Our Regulatory committee is working closely with Golden Charter to ensure we, as independent funeral directors, are fully supported as we prepare for regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Golden Charter has created an initial guide to FCA regulation providing a helpful, easy to read overview. The FCA recognises the important role we play in helping families to understand the choices available when purchasing a funeral plan, and are keen to ensure that we’re able to continue to perform this role in an FCA regulated market. Golden Charter has prepared an initial guide summarising the options likely to be available to us to continue to support families through their funeral plan journey, and we would recommend all members take a look.

The guide can be found on Golden Charter’s dedicated FCA information hub at, and will be updated when new information becomes available from the FCA.

The FCA is due to publish its final rules in the summer so we don’t need to take any action yet. Once the rules have been finalised, our Golden Charter business managers will be in touch to talk through the choices available and help us decide what option works best for our business, and how Golden Charter will support us with this.

Don’t forget, Golden Charter has set up a dedicated mailbox to help with regulation queries at Or you can contact our association at