2022 Meeting diary
January Wednesday 19 SAIFCharter Regulatory Group Meeting
  Wednesday 26 SAIFCharter Executive Meeting
  Monday 31 SAIFCharter Regulatory Group Meeting
February Wednesday 2 SAIF Executive Meeting
March Thursday 3 SAIFCharter Regulatory Group Meeting
  Tuesday 8 SAIFCharter Regulatory Group Meeting
  Thursday 17 - Sunday 20 SAIF Annual General Meeting and Banquet Weekend
April Wednesday 27  SAIFCharter Regulatory Group Meeting
May Wednesday 11 SAIF Executive Meeting
  Wednesday 11 SAIF East Anglia Regional Meeting
  Wednesday 18 SAIF North East Regional Meeting
  Thursday 19 SAIF Yorkshire Regional Meeting
  Wednesday 25 SAIF North West Regional Meeting
  Thursday 26 SAIF Midlands Regional Meeting
June Wednesday 15 SAIF Wales Regional Meeting
  Thursday 16 SAIF South West Regional Meeting
  Monday 20 SAIF Southern Regional Meeting
  Wednesday 29 SAIFCharter Executive Meeting
July Wednesday 20 SAIF Executive Meeting
September Wednesday 21 SAIF Special General Meeting and SAIF Executive Meeting
  Tuesday 27 SAIF Kent Regional Meeting
  Wednesday 28 SAIF Essex Regional Meeting
October Wednesday 5 SAIF West London Regional Meeting
November Wednesday 30 SAIF Executive Meeting
December  Wednesday 14 SAIFCharter Executive Meeting